McFadden Development is a family run business that was formed in the 1980's as a small investment/development company that saw the potential for growth in the Roswell area. The first building was built in 1986 and extensively remodeled in 2000. This building overlooks our lower lake which has a fountain and runs into a creek. We have several families of geese that return here each year. Building 800 was completed next in 1996 and is on the east side of our upper lake. Building 900 was completed in 2001 and has offices ranging from 840 square feet to 1,680 square feet, it is on the west side of the upper lake. Building 1000 was completed in 2004 and is at the top of the hill in the rear of the complex. This building has suites ranging from 1,050 square feet to 4,200 square feet.

The park is owned and managed by Ashley McFadden Prudames. Ashley has her real estate license and has been very active in the Commercial Investment Real Estate Institute and has successfully completed all of the CCIM curriculum. Ashley has a BSW from the University of Georgia and has run Old Roswell Lakes for over 21 years.

Kathy Queen has been with McFadden almost 20 years and is the backbone of the company. She is a wonderful property manager and is capable of solving any problem.

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